Media Futures: Working at Russia Today: Nothing is true and everything is possible

Nadira Tudor reflects on what insights she gathered about the relationship between State and Media whilst working for five years for Russia Today as a senior News Anchor and Correspondent.

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Nadira Tudor has just left Russia Today after a five year period as one of their senior News Anchors and Correspondents in Moscow. She reflects on what insights she’s gathered about the relationship between State and Media whilst working for this often controversial media giant which has offered her experiences as diverse as reporting from Red Square on Election Day and The Syrian Peace Talks to interviewing Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel during the World Cup.

She will touch on the History of State Sponsored Media , existing Global Broadcasters/media providers and what they are trying to achieve and how RT’s Work Culture reflects the bigger agenda.  

Biography: My journey to living in Moscow was most certainly an unusual one. I’ve worked for many, many media organisations all over the world but there really is nowhere like Russia. It seems (and this is an entirely personal observation) that Russians both by habit and inclination, celebrate secrecy and cherish mystery. This made working in Russia, working with Russians, an often infuriating, often wonderful, experience. Attitudes to race, attitudes to gender, attitudes to sexuality, attitudes to specific topics like BREXIT, The Middle East, Energy Policy, conflict zones, migration in the West, trade wars, etc are all informed by a unique and complex psyche.