Media, politics and crisis in Puerto Rico - the "last" U.S. colony in the Western hemisphere

Federico Subervi discusses the current state of the mass media and journalism in Puerto Rico in the midst of the island’s ongoing crises post Hurricane María.

His analysis brings together three areas of ongoing inquiry: political-economic factors that condition the operations of the island’s mass media; opinions gathered from more than fifty Puerto Rican journalists regarding the current crisis and future of journalism in Puerto Rico; and theoretical and methodological frameworks for future research related to media in colonial/post-colonial settings. This research seminar should be of interest to members of the following groups: political communication, journalism studies, colonialism/post-colonialism studies and Latin American studies.

Dr Federico Subervi is visiting Leverhulme Professor at the School of Media and Communication where he is conducting research about the media system and politics in Puerto Rico, his home country. Since the early 1980s, he has been conducting research, publishing and teaching on a broad range of issues related to the mass media and ethnic minorities, especially Latinos in the United States. In addition to more than fifty journal articles, essays, book chapters and reports on these subjects, he is the editor and an author of the book The Mass Media and Latino Politics: Studies of U.S. Media Content, Campaign Strategies and Survey Research: 1984-2004.