Research Seminar: Platformization of Brazilian Television - The Case of Globoplay

This research seminar examines the processes of platformization in Brazilian television, starting with the transformation of Grupo Globo into a Mediatech company.

Grupo Globo is the largest media conglomerate in Latin America and the second largest in the world, surpassed only by ABC. It has stood out for producing content for different platforms.

About the event

The objective of this presentation is to discuss the circumstances under which technology became a keyword for what is known as Globo's quality standard, through the transformation of Grupo Globo into a Mediatech company.

The goal of Mediatech is to connect its databases to the creative departments of the company, to personalize services offered to its television audience. Thus, content creation and production are no longer linked to channels and services but intertwined with databases.

In this way, the use of artificial intelligence tools integrated into virtual production mode promotes configurations within Mediatech companies' governance sphere towards a very specific regulatory system.

Therefore, we intend to analyze platformization processes within a Brazilian media technology company connected with Big Techs within a context of globalized financial capitalism dominated by disputes between streaming companies, where Globoplay platform fits in.

These issues relate to audiovisual sustainability and ultimately public governance.

About João Carlos Massarolo

João Carlos Massarolo is a professor at Universidade Federal de São Carlos in São Paulo, Brazil.

He has published works on transmedia narratives related to serialized fiction for streaming platforms. He is also a CNPq scholarship recipient (PQ2) and temporary coordinator and founder of the Professional Master's Program in Multiplatform Content Production at UFSCar.