New LHRI fellowships enable Faculty of Arts PhD graduates to have an impact

A new set of short-term fellowships enable PhD graduates from the Faculty of Arts to realise the impact of their research.

Five Leeds Humanities Research Institute  short-term post-doctoral fellowships, funded by the HEIF-V Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange, have been awarded to scholars completing a PhD in the Faculty of Arts since January 2011. Scholars working on areas ranging from naval history to film representations of the Middle Ages will develop the impact of their work through these fellowships.

The fellows will develop work with the public and with non-academic partners which builds on their doctoral research. The fellowships last between four and eight weeks. Dr Matthew Treherne, Director of the Leeds Humanities Research Institute, comments that "these researchers have demonstrated that they not only are capable of excellent research, but also are willing to find ways to bring that research to wider audiences. We hope that these fellowships will not only support them at this crucial early stage of their careers, but will also enable the wonderful work done by postgraduates in the Faculty of Arts to reach a broad public. We're extremely grateful to the Cultural and Creative Industries Exchange for funding these fellowships."

The five recipients of the fellowships are: Ruth Chester, who will carry out a project on "Dante and Practical Communication";  Kate Vigurs, who will work on holocaust memorialisation; Paul Sturtevant, who will explore the ways in which the Middle Ages have been represented on Film; Nicholas Grant, who will work on "Anti-Apartheid in Exile", and Mark Gjessing, who will carry out a project on Naval History.