First Orchestral Rehearsal for 'Herakles' Oratorio

The premiere of Tim Benjamin's 'Herakles' takes place on Sunday 30 April.

Todmorden Orchestra and Choral Society have had their first joint rehearsal for this Sunday's premiere of Tim Benjamin's ‘Herakles’ in Todmorden Town Hall.  The dramatic soundscape created by the music was perfectly complemented by the sonorous spoken narrative delivered by Time (the fabulous Claire Benedict).  Come Sunday, the instrumental forces will be further augmented, and the drama brought to a climax when we are joined by the five solo singers representing Royalty (soprano), Tyranny (mezzo), Hermes (tenor), Zeus (bass), and the young Herakles himself (treble). 

There are a few tickets left (available from Todmorden Tourist Information Centre, Tel. 01706-818181), but hurry to assure your place!