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Psychic nights, in pubs, are increasingly common in Britain especially since the pandemic, but why do so many people attend and what do they get out of it? Is there a connection between reason, wellbeing and spirit communication

New research project exploring the impact of psychic events on modern religions to host live event in Leeds.

British painter Judith Tucker (1960-2023) was tragically killed in a car accident on 13 November.

A black and white etched illustration of a man bartering for two chickens with the owner of a shop.

On Friday 11th November, the School of History hosted a workshop entitled: ‘The Myth of Barter: Perspectives from the Global Middle Ages.'

Book cover: hands with sparkly gloves and a jewelled ring holding fur fabric. The text reads

The chapter is a study of the era-defining qualities of Japanese pop diva Amuro Namie.

Book cover of

The Soviet Sixties has recently been published by Yale University Press. Dr Hornsby joins us to tell us more about the book.