Dr Nancy Thumim

Dr Nancy Thumim


I completed my ESRC funded PhD at the LSE Department of Media and Communications in 2007 and my first book, drawing on and developing my doctoral research, Self-representation and digital culture, was published by Palgrave Macmillan in summer 2012 and came out in a paperback edition in 2015. Recently completed projects include a study of the local news ecology in Leeds with Stephen Coleman, Chris Birchall, Julie Firmstone, Giles Moss, Katy Parry, Judith Stamper and Jay G. Blumler. Publications from this project include Journal articles (see below) and a (2016) book; The Mediated City: The News in a Post-Industrial Context (London: Zed Books). I also recently completed a British Academy funded exploration of the mediation of contemporary soldiering with Katy Parry (see below for journal articles from this project) and edited a (2017) Special Issue of the Journal Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture, titled, Self-(re)presentation now. I joined the School of Media and Communication in 2011 from LSE where I was LSE Fellow in Media and Communications. Prior to this I was a researcher on the ESRC Identities and Social Action Project: Making Class and the self through televised ethical scenarios (PI Bev Skeggs CoI Helen Wood) and post doctoral researcher on the Norwegian Network project Mediatized Stories, led by Knut Lundby.



  • Postgraduate Tutor

Research interests

I am interested in mediation and representation and storytelling. In my work I ask about the place of media in people's lives. I ask where and when and how do particular groups and individuals get to speak and to be heard. So far, this has involved work on the representation of military storylines across media forms, on local news, on media literacy, on oral history in museums and on access media projects of various kinds. I have explored moments when people have been invited to tell their own stories using digital technologies and other media forms, asking how such stories are mediated by technologies, by industries and institutions and by people’s own cultural contexts and expectations. I have also looked at understandings of the news; where and how people come to know what they know about the local and to what extent they see themselves and their communities as adequately represented. At the moment, I am particularly focused on the complex relationships women and girls have with contemporary digital culture, considering pleasure and power relations as they are negotiated through interactions with media and cultural representations and spaces. In a new project I will be working with colleagues at Leeds Museums and Galleries and Huddersfield University and young women from Leeds to explore women artists' works on paper in the collections at Leeds Art Gallery.

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Professional memberships

  • International Communications Association (ICA)
  • European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA)
  • Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Assoication (MeCCSA)
  • Editorial Board Popular Communication: The International Journal of Media and Culture
  • Editorial Board: International Journal of Cultural Studies

Student education

I teach across undergraduate and postgraduate modules in media and communication theory with a particular focus on theories in media and communication and audience studies.

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