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Training, Citizenship and Performance workshop

Can performer training be used to promote, support or enhance citizenship? Join us for an afternoon of conversation, practical workshops and panel presentations that will tackle key questions.

study abroad

This information session will get you thinking about the opportunities available to you as a student at Leeds.

A Beatles Greatest Hits LP amongst classical LPs

Is the concept of ‘selling out’ still relevant for popular music culture and what does the case of popular music tell us about the reach and power of commercialism?

Freedom of speech: the give and take

The central question of this event is: what should, if any, the boundaries of free speech be?

design in visual communication

Professor Theo van Leeuwen argues for a two-pronged approach to multimodal analysis that combines functional design analysis and identity design analysis.

Parkinson court

Explore our campus, talk to staff and students and find out about your subject at our open day. Join us for the day and find out what it means to be Leeds.

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