Material Immersions and Immersive Materials: A LAHRI Speculative Conversation

Are you interested in the effect of immersive technology on access to the archives of museums and library Special Collections?

This is the first event of the year hosted under our 2020-21 Speculative Conversations Series


The meeting aims to draw together researchers with common areas of interest that relate to ways of accessing, understanding and even co-creating archives (medieval manuscripts through to coin collections or other materials), and museum collections through immersive technologies.


What possibilities does this open up? And also what problems does it create?


the conveners of this meeting would like to discuss these questions with colleagues in relation to the impact upon archives and museums (particularly with regards to how such systems might disrupt the longstanding power relationships associated with processes of curation and exhibition) but also the significance these approaches might have for, and the light they may shed on, the communities (past or present) which the archives and museum collections are intended to represent.


The intention of the session is to begin to address issues related to the sensory experience of encountering archives and museum collections and how those experiences might be mediated and transformed through immersive technologies, with specific reference to the materiality of objects within the collections.


This speculative conversation has been co-convened by Emma Cayley (Languages Cultures and Societies) and Tom Jackson (School of Media and Communication).


To register to attend this event please email  Places are limited to 10 and are allocated on a first come first served basis. After the maximum has been reached, a waiting list will be openned.