Speculative Lunch Series

The Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute’s Speculative Lunches scheme offers Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures researchers the opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary research ideas at an early stage of formulation, with a view to establishing research collaborations around particular themes.

Each lunch is coordinated and led by at least two members of academic staff who are based in at least two different Schools in the Faculty of AHC.  

Participation is open to all staff, postdoctoral fellows, and postgraduate students across all faculties in the University.

There is no expectation that a Speculative Lunch will lead directly to particular outcomes; they are first and foremost an opportunity for enjoyable discussion of research ideas in an informal setting. Nonetheless, they provide an opportunity to explore potential collaborations leading to funding bids, or to consider responses to research council themes. Coordinators are free to structure discussion as they wish and to set their own agenda.

This scheme is managed by the Deputy Director of LAHRI, David Higgins.

Each year it is anticipated that there will be approximately 6-10 Speculative Lunches that can take place anywhere between October and July.

A brief informal follow-up discussion will be held between the LAHRI Deputy Director and the event conveners shortly after the lunch has taken place to see if LAHRI or the wider Faculty can offer any further support to the research that was discussed at the Lunch.

How to apply to run a Speculative Lunch 

If you are a member of the AHC Faculty and you are interested in running a Speculative lunch, please visit the SharePoint folder for information on how to apply, or email the LAHRI administrator for further details.

Events in the Current  2020-21 series

Due to restrictions around Covid-19, the 2020-21 is temporarily on hold. Please refer to this page for updates through the year.

Examples of previous Speculative Lunches

2019-20 Speculative lunch Series:

2018-19 Speculative Lunch series:

2017-18 Speculative Lunch series: