Form, Performance and Political Feeling: Politics in Practice

An event that aims to consider how performance elicits political feeling, and how such feelings might be further harnessed for political purposes

This two-part event is part of the Sadler Seminar Seies 2018-19 'The Performance of Political Feeling'

Part One – Forum  

  • A demonstration of forum theatre and an opportunity for participants to make interventions. This part of the event is not related specifically to the issues raised in the forum theatre performance, but rather is understood as an opportunity for us to analyse and interrogate forum theatre as a performance form, and consider how it produces "feelings" that can lead to political intervention.
  • The demonstration will be followed by a discussion of the key questions/issues that have emerged.

Part Two - What is performance?

  • Drawing together performance theory with acting exercises, part two of the event will explore how we define performance as well as the affects of something being a 'performance'. The aim of this section is to consider performance as a form and tool that can be used to create political feeling and reflect on the ways in which we can harness performance in relation to individual and collective political intentions.

The event will be facilitated by Dr Sarah Weston and PhD candidate Malaika Cunningham.

The conveners are: Dr Beth Johnson, Dr Kim Allen, Dr Philip Kiszely and Professor Stephen Coleman.

Any inquiries about this event should be directed to Dr Beth Johnson:

If you wish to attend, please contact Beth Johnson to book a place.