Thai Politics @ Leeds


Our focus is on all aspects of Thai politics from historical development to contemporary issues, both regional and national.

Coordinated by Professor Duncan McCargo, Thai Politics regularly attracts MA and PhD students from around the world – many from Thailand – that are interested in gaining more nuanced and critical perspectives.

We have longstanding connections with Mahasarakham University in the Northeast, and Prince of Songkhla University in the South, as well as active contacts with a range of researchers and universities throughout Thailand and around the world.

Thai Politics is home to an extensive set of digital images of political events in Thailand. We have images of the conflict-ridden Deep South, popular demonstrations, 2007 election posters and contemporary scenes with a political twist. We also carry details of relevant publications and research about Thai politics. One of our major resources is the Thai politics electronic bibliography, a searchable database for sources on Thai politics.

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