Exploring Diversity in an Interstitial Urban Locale: The LGBTQ Community of Ceuta




This interdisciplinary research investigates the subjective experiences, attitudes and personal circumstances of people identifying as LGBTQ and residing in Spanish Ceuta, as well as the wider interstitial urban context within which these are shaped. The project is designed as a scoping project with a purposefully broad investigative remit, given the dearth of academic scholarship on LGBTQ issues in the enclave. It seeks to collate new data and produce original analyses on LGBTQ life, community and inclusion in a diverse interstitial urban space as a first step towards future analysis of some of the sub-groups making up the Ceutan LGBTQ community and the challenges they face, as well as a broader comparative project exploring LGBTQ life across both Ceuta and Melilla.

Two workshops will be held as part of this research project.

Publications and outputs

The research will result in the publication of a comprehensive project report for the Institute of Ceutan Studies as well as a journal article in a peer-reviewed academic journal.