Touch and Animality

Part of the Touch: Sensing, Feeling, Knowing Sadler Seminar Series.

The talk will explore the often-mooted idea that touch is the most fundamental of the senses.

Is it true that touch belongs to all animals, as Aristotle thought? If it is true, is there a reason why is it true? And how deep does that reason go? Is it possible to argue, as O’Shaughnessy seems to think, not just that the sense of touch is the most important of the senses – but more than this, that the sense of touch is in some way utterly fundamental to animality? – a sense which animals have to have evolved so as to possess? Is there some kind of necessity in the relationship between touch and animality? – and if so, what kind of necessity?

Presented by Professor Helen Steward (University of Leeds) with a response from Caitlin Stobie (English, University of Leeds).

All are welcome to attend. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please direct any queries to Emily Paul

Location details

LHRI (Seminar Room 1)