Speculative Lunch: The Transcultural Fantastic

In times of accelerated scientific, technological and social change, utopian and dystopian thinking provides a critical lens for exploring the possibilities and limitations of the present.

The ‘utopian impulse’ (Ernst Bloch) and the dystopian imagination have and continue to be influential in political, philosophical and cultural discourses, and across a range of media around the world (including cinema, television, theatre, film, art and design).

The Speculative Lunch, to which we invite interested colleagues from all Faculties, will discuss the potential for establishing a transcultural network of ‘the fantastic’, drawing from different histories, places and timeframes. This broad theme encompasses utopian and dystopian thought, as well as science fiction, folktales and fantasy literature.   

To reserve a place at the event please email LHRI. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Location details

LHRI (Seminar Room 1)