Workshop on ELAN, software tool for videodata annotation and analysis

Part of the Sadler Seminar Series ‘Signs beyond borders: Meaning-making across sign and spoken languages’.

Open to PhD and postdoc researchers.

ELAN is software for annotating video and audio resources. It allows for complex, and unlimited, annotations of different modalities and is particularly useful for annotating data with multiple participants. In this workshop you will learn how annotations can be time-aligned with the data or with other annotations, allowing for transcriptions, translations, glosses, comments and descriptions of different modalities. You will learn how to segment and annotate your own data. We will cover searches which can be conducted across files, helping with analyses. You will learn how to import/export files to a range of formats and other programmes and even how to make subtitles for your videos. For more information on ELAN visit the MPI website.

The workshop is being run as part of the Signs Beyond Borders Sadler Seminar Series, for more information visit the Signs Beyond Borders website. The workshop is free to attend and lunch will be provided, but as places are limited we will prioritise University of Leeds PhD students and postdoctoral Early Career Researchers, who already have data.

If you would like to apply to attend the workshop, please email Samantha Goodchild, by 5pm, Friday 23 February 2018. Please include (in no more than 100 words):

- Your name

- The school you are affiliated with

- Your year of PhD/Postdoctoral research

- a short description of your research topic

- what data you already have

- why you need the workshop

- if you have any prior experience with ELAN

You will receive notification of acceptance by Friday 2 March 2018.

Location details 

E C Stoner Building Education CBL Cluster (7.67)