Speculative Lunch 'Special Collections focus: Meet the Cecil Roth Collection et al'

An event seeking colleagues interested in exploring the Jewish studies material in Special Collections: Research - Access - Display - Engagement

Special Collections are custodians of a number of unique, partly uncatalogued and unpublished, materials relevant to research on Jewish culture and Jewish/non-Jewish relations. Foremost among them is the collection of manuscripts and printed books (in Hebrew, English, and a range of other languages) which the historian Dr Cecil Roth (1899-1970) built up (more info here). While individual items are internationally known, the scope of his work as a collector, and the content of the collection, remain underexplored, and a re-assessment, also as part of a history of collecting, is overdue. Other resources, especially uncatalogued ones, will also be considered.

Aims of the Lunch:
The lunch aims to bring together colleagues with an interest in this material, or a curiosity about the Jewish minorities in the UK, Western Europe, the Mediterranean, and some former colonial countries such as India. The main chronological scope of the Special Collections material is on the early modern period and into the collector's lifetime, including the Holocaust. 

The short-to-medium-term aim of the lunch is to put together a working group of people with overlapping interests, apply for a Sadler Seminar series that would enable us to involve relevant collaborators from outside Leeds, and ultimately (medium-long term) support grant applications.

Joanne Fitton (Special Collections), Eva Frojmovic (CJS/FAHACS), Stephen Muir (Music), Jay Prosser (English)

How to Book a Place:
This speculative lunch is free to attend, however spaces are limited. If you would like to attend please email Erin via the LHRI mailbox (LHRI@leeds.ac.uk) asap. 

Location details 

LHRI (Seminar Room 1)