Student workshop: current themes in philosophical logic

A workshop for graduate students (as well as interested undergraduates and faculty), introducing some current research areas in philosophical logic.

This workshop will be of interest to those specialising in logic, but little will be assumed in the way of background knowledge, so that it will also be suitable for others who want to find out about what philosophical logicians are currently up to and how it might be of use in other areas of philosophy!

Refreshments will be provided. There is no charge for this event, but registration is required.

Current line-up:

Graham Priest (CUNY), dialetheism and paraconsistency.

Berta Grimau (Glasgow), plural logic.

Sara Uckelman (Durham), contradictions in medieval logic.

This event is organised in combination with the conference, Approaches to Contradiction: Old and New, the following day. Details are available here

Location details

Seminar Rooms 1 and 2, LHRI (29-31 Clarendon Place)