Sensory Qualities of Urban Space

Are you interested in new ways of thinking about Urban Design and Urban Space? All are welcome to our next interdisciplinary Sadler Seminar

The seminar is part of the exploratory, interdisciplinary Sadler Seminar Series, Using scenography to understand the experience of urban space project  funded by the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute. 

In this seminar we have invited five speakers from geography, sociology, media and communication and architecture to talk from their perspective on researching the sensory, affective, imaginative dimensions of urban space and consider questions including: 

  • Why are sensory/affective/imaginative dimensions important? 
  • What ways can we capture/investigate these dimensions? 
  • What might scenographic perspective contribute?  


Richard Koeck, Chair in Architecture and the Visual Arts, University of Liverpool 

Cine-Urbanism: Scenographic and Cinematic Qualities of Cities 


Monica Degen, Reader in Cultural Sociology, Brunel University, London 

Situating Urban Experiences: making sense of different atmospheres in Smithfield Market 


Tim Edensor, Professor of Social and Cultural Geography, Manchester Metropolitan University 

Walking along the Pergola: Promenading as sensory performance 


Greg Dickinson, Professor of Communication Studies, Colorado State University  

Feeling Food and Getting Dirty: Sensory Urbanism in LA Farmer’s Markets 


Zlatan Krajina, Associate Professor of Media Studies, University of Zagreb
Post-cinematic screens as scenographies of everyday urban life  


Attendance is open to anyone interested. Booking is via the Eventbrite page