The Neuro-psychology of Art Collecting: What the Eli Lilly/C.T. Loo Story Tells Us

A talk by Shirley M. Mueller, MD. IUSM Associate Professor of Neurology (ret

This event is part of the Perspectives on the Art Market Open Lecture Series sponsored by The Centre for the Study of the Art and Antiques Market.

In this talk, Dr Mueller will examine the scientific basis of the decision-making process of an important American collector, Eli Lilly Jr., CEO of the Lilly Company in Indianapolis, USA. This is possible because of well-documented letters between Lilly and his initial dealer, C.T. Loo. By applying newly discovered neuro and behavioural science concepts to the discussions between the two, we see their decisions in a new light, one that can be applied to our own lives as well. 

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