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Image of a room with two chairs around table which has light fixtures hanging over each chair. Also a projection of two people sitting around a small table on the beach on the wall.

Are you a researcher interested in the links between performance practices and African diaspora futures in the contemporary moment?

Sadler seminar series animism and cinema

Part of the 2019-20 Sadler Seminar Series Animist Engagements: Creativity, Ecology and Indigeneity, this workshop will explore the relationship between cinema and animism.

Two individuals wearing traditional garments posing on a bridge

Is your research concerned with the connections between how we communicate and the cultures and worlds we create?

Image of staff member and students reading examining the pages of an old book.

Are you a researcher who is interested in delivering public engagement with museums and galleries?

Sadler Series

A workshop that will bring together researchers from across disciplinary boundaries, stakeholders and policy makers to develop new approaches to suicide research

Artist rendering of woman looking at print of news stories

Are you a researcher interested in women’s cultural production in the UK and/or independent filmmaking?

  • One day event
  • Reoccuring events