Sonic Bodies: A Multisensory Exploration

Part of the Being Human Festival of the Humanities 2018-19.

This event takes place at the Leeds Art Gallery, The Headrow, LS1 3AA.

University of Leeds researchers Maria Kapsali and Scott Mclaughlin, in conjunction with Leeds Art Gallery and the Being Human Festival present 'Sonic Bodies'; an immersive and interactive exploration of sculpture through movement and listening.

You will be invited to follow the lines, shapes or themes of selected sculptures, and generate, as a result of your movement, a real-time soundscape.  

As our primary encounter with art is often limited to seeing, Sonic Bodies aims to directly involve the other senses and create a playful and intuitive experience free of cultural expectations and notions of expertise.

Using custom software on mobile devices, the activity offers two innovative ways to explore art through listening and moving: one involving the whole body and the other using only the hand. Both ways are suitable for all ages and abilities.

During the event, each hour is dedicated to a different exploration.

For those who feel compelled to reach out, those who - either by necessity or choice - keep their eyes closed, those who want to play, and those who can't keep still.

Image of a dancer performing with head back and arms outstretched.