Towards a transdisciplinary investigation of deaf-hearing interactions: Multimodality, Translanguaging and sign-language studies

Part of the 'Signs beyond borders: Meaning-making across sign and spoken languages' Sadler Seminar Series.

Presented by Elisabetta Adami (School of Languages, Cultures and Societies), James Simpson (School of Education), Ruth Swanwick (School of Education), and Christopher Stone (University of Wolverhampton).

This first seminar will discuss how we intend to integrate social semiotic multimodality, trans-languaging and sign-language studies to develop a trans-disciplinary approach for the understanding of daily life interaction of deaf and hearing people in multilingual and multicultural contexts.

We will explain the background to the series and the participants will briefly share their own perspectives and questions.

Participants are also invited to introduce their own research interests and how they chime with the issues raised and what expertise can be shared.

All welcome.