When tactile processing goes awry: Stroke, synaesthesia, and the rubber hand illusion

Part of the Part of the Touch: Sensing, Feeling, Knowing Sadler Seminar Series.

Over the past two decades, there has been an exponential increase in the number of studies using the rubber hand paradigm to investigate the malleability of body representation.

Dr Rebekah White (Psychology, University of Oxford) will discuss her use of the paradigm in clinical populations - stroke patients and individuals with vision-touch syanesthesia - detailing some of the twists and turns that her research has taken, as a result of unexpected discoveries during testing sessions.

There will be a response from Dr Louise Richardson (Philosophy, University of York).

All are welcome to attend. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please direct any queries to Emily Paul.

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Location details

LHRI - Seminar Room 1