Nurses on the Frontline of Wound Care Conference

Nurses, historians and other interested parties are invited to attend a conference and exhibition exploring the history and contemporary clinical frontline of wound care.

The conference, which is being held in memory of Nellie Spindler and other WW1 nurses, will take place during ‘Stop Pressure Ulcer Week’.

An accompanying interactive exhibition will include a WW1 Field hospital staffed by ‘Wenches in Trenches’, objects from the Thackray Medical Museum, items from the West Yorkshire Archive Service, a poster display of cutting edge contemporary and historical research in wound care.

There will also be stalls including ‘Stop the Pressure’ pressure ulcer prevention; ‘Legs Matter’ leg ulcer campaign; PURSUN UK (The Pressure Ulcer Research Service User Network).

The conference will open with introductions from Professors Andrea Nelson and Suzanne Hinchliffe and a paper from Professor Christine Hallett Nurses of Passchendaele: Clinical Expertise and Personal Sacrifice on the Front Lines of War.

It will then split into two strands: ‘historical frontline’ and ‘contemporary clinical frontline’. Please state which you would like to attend when booking your ticket.