LAHRI Speculative Lunch: Body Parts and Fluids: Rethinking the Human in Bioeconomy

Part of the Leeds Arts and Humanities Research Institute Speculative lunch Series 2018-19

An event hosted by Jieun Kim (Languages, Cultures and Societies) and Jamie Stark (PRHS)

Event Synopsis

Replacing human body parts and fluids through transplant and transfusion is not a new phenomenon, yet biomedicine and biobanking are changing the meaning and scale of these exchanges. The increasing utility of our bodily matter, whether for their properties or data, put us under constant pressure to consider donating, selling, or receiving body parts and fluids for medical, scientific and clinical purposes. This speculative lunch invites scholars across disciplines to discuss the implications of these massive circulations in light of some of the key questions in their fields: How do these circulations complicate the sociocultural, religious, philosophical, and aesthetic understanding of the human body? What kinds of narratives and images of the body, health and sociality are generated along these circulations? How are social boundaries and identities (sex/gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, family/kinship, class/caste, human/non-/trans-/post-human, living/dead) reconfigured in bioeconomy? What kinds of ethical, legal and social issues are implicated in aggressive organ procurement, cosmetic bodily replacement, or wasted bodily tissues? How do bioeconomic circulations intersect with patterns of social and health inequalities? What do these circulations tell us about the shifting value regimes concerning human life? How can researchers at Leeds come together to explore these questions and what projects might emerge as a result?

The event is open to members of academic staff, postdoctoral researchers, and postgraduate researchers from any discipline or Faculty. It is an opportunity for researchers with an interest in this area to meet, pool ideas, and contribute to exploring the potential for interdisciplinary projects without the expectation of any specific outcomes. 

Lunch is included in this event. Places for this event are limited to 16 and are on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to attend this event, please register your interest by emailng the LAHRI administrator.