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Media Industries and Cultural Production

This conference explores the particularities involved in researching media production in non-Western sites of production

An image of the writer Daisy Hildyard

The Environmental Humanities Research Group is delighted to announce that novelist and writer Daisy Hildyard will be coming to read in the School of English

Two people about to kiss

This event is part of the School of Media and Communication research seminar series

A black and white photograph from the early twentieth century showing schoolgirls doing science experiments

Dr Katie Carpenter presents an interactive seminar entitled 'The Searchlight: A Public Engagement Project on Girls in the History of Science'

A logo for CHIA. Forest green text on a white background. It reads: 'CHIA: Centre for the History of Ibero-America at the University of Leeds'

A research seminar paper by Sara J Brenneis (Amherst College).

Please join us for two events centred on World Englishes, Capitalism, and Colonialism! Both events are free. You are welcome to attend either or both, and you do not need a ticket to attend in person

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