Wei Li

Wei Li

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Wei Li and I am a student of BA Fashion Marketing. I took History, Media Studies and Philosophy and Ethics for my A-levels. I was born in China but shortly moved to the UK when I was about 7 years old and have lived in the UK since then. 

What made you want to apply to your course and to Leeds? 

When I was in year 10 and 11, I started developing an interest in the University of Leeds and later on I become more adamant that I’d like to study here. What makes this University attractive to me initially was its prestigious reputation of being part of the Russell Group as well as its high ranking in my study area. The array of opportunities to choose optional modules within my chosen course, especially the freedom to explore other modules outside of your school, known as ‘discovery modules’ really enticed me. I also like Leeds as a city and how the University is located centrally, making commuting to and from city centre very convenient.

What is it that makes you passionate about your area of study?

I love the evolving nature of fashion with exciting new innovations filling the sector. As fashion is huge and is influenced by all sorts of phenomena from the world, the possibilities are endless and I’m always surprised with the new great ideas that have been introduced. Whether it be a new trend or a new product, I think that to be able to one day be one of those people who are initiating such changes on consumers and the marketing landscape makes me feel excited.

What aspects of the course do you enjoy the most?

I like the fact that the course has a good mix between the business/academic side and the creative side, making the programme more fun and enjoyable. Due to this, it has allowed me to develop my creative thinking and visual communications along with my critical thinking and strategising skills. I like how the course exposes you to a vast array of modules including some that are less commonly found in marketing courses i.e. trend and forecasting. It is a very different and unique module where it helps you to nurture skills such as trend prediction. Through knowing what the upcoming macro/micro trends is, it can help businesses to be more prepared to meet and satisfy consumer demands.

Are you involved in any activities outside of your studies?

Every year the University runs an event called the Leeds Rag Fashion Show where students can volunteer to help out through various roles. I really enjoyed participating in the show as it allowed me to experience the backstage and behind the scenes of a fashion event, which I find really interesting. I would really encourage everyone to take this opportunity to see, learn and explore new things. I am also one of the Student Leaders of my course at final year. This role entails partnering with the study body and university staff to further the development of the school and student community, by offering ideas and giving feedback that will bring a positive transformation to our school. Therefore, I find this to be a meaningful extracurricular role which anyone can apply for. 

What do you plan to do when you’ve finished your course, and how do you think the skills and knowledge you’ve developed so far at Leeds will help with these plans? 

After I have graduated, I am looking to work full time within the field of fashion and marketing. As marketing is very broad, I am happy and open to explore the different pathways and roles which the industry offers to learn more skills and knowledge. The course provides its students with a diverse range of skills which I believe will aid me in pursuing my future endeavours. 

What advice would you give to incoming students who are about to start their own university journey?

University is going to be your one in a lifetime experience; it will be a rollercoaster ride where there’s fun and excitements but also difficulties and worries. My biggest advice is to work hard, play hard. There is so much to explore at University: new people, new living environment, new city (potentially) and new lifestyle. Try to be yourself and don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi’ to others and introduce yourself as everyone is in the same situation as you are initially. Be open to try new activities, especially because our Student Union offers so many societies and free ‘give it a go’ sessions where you can meet new people and follow your passion. However, it is crucial to know the line where you need to focus on your studies as you don’t want to leave your assignments to the last minute and do a stressful all-nighter (I’m guilty of this). As with everyone, my academic journey is marked with points of struggles/ challenges. But no matter what, always bear in mind that there’s always light on the other side and you will definitely get through just fine! A step at a time, slowly and steadily, you will find yourself achieving great outcomes to what you first thought may be impossible.