Joshua Madsen-Jensen

Joshua Madsen-Jensen

Why did you choose to study this course? What are you hoping to achieve?

I chose to study this course to further my knowledge of fashion marketing. I have high aspirations for myself in the future, and although I’m not exactly sure what the future holds, I would love to start my own fashion brand one day.

Why did you choose to study online rather than in person?

Online learning gives me more flexibility to work at home or in Leeds. Whilst I’m working as an intern at a PR Agency, this mode of learning also gives me the flexibility to study around my work schedule.

Why did you choose to study with the University of Leeds?

I was previously a student at the University of Leeds, where I studied an undergraduate degree in History and History of Art. Therefore, I knew the standard of teaching at Leeds was great, and after doing some research into the course, it seemed like a great place to continue my learning.

Taking you back to the beginning of your studies, how did you find the application process?

The application process was well-structured and pretty simple. I had guidance throughout and if there were ever any problems, the response team were efficient and helpful. There were a lot of aspects that I was unsure about as it was a big step for me to take, but all of my questions and queries were answered quickly and thoroughly.

What have been the highlights of your course?

My project on the sustainability of Patagonia was very interesting. Sustainability is such an important topic at the moment, and I think it will be ever-present in the future of the fashion industry. To create my own case study and come up with ways in which sustainability can be incorporated into a brand was great to learn. My personal tutor has also been a huge help throughout my first module.

How have you found the experience of online study? What is the best thing about it?

Online study has given me more freedom in terms of when and where I work. It has enabled me to create a schedule around my other commitments and I see no difference in the opportunities and teaching it offers in comparison to my previous experiences of in-person work.

How have you found the support from your tutors at Leeds? 

My personal tutor has been great. I have regular meetings with him to discuss how I have been getting on and to resolve any concerns I have. If anything, this method of online tutoring has enabled me to create a better relationship with my tutors as there is a heavier focus on making sure students are okay and that we are understanding the course itself.

What has it been like networking and interacting with other students on your course?

As the seminars are recorded, personal interaction with other students is limited, so it’s important to be able to work well independently. However, there are many opportunities to interact through other activities as part of the course.

What are your career aspirations? How do you think your degree will support them? 

My degree will benefit me because I previously did not have much experience in this industry at all. My knowledge was limited and my skillset was narrow, but this course has vastly improved my understanding of fashion and professional development just as I thought it would. Having this qualification will show that I have an in-depth understanding of the fashion world and a strong knowledge of marketing and management.