Adeline Deseyne MA New Media

Adeline Deseyne

Why did you choose to study your degree at the University of Leeds?

I choose to study at the University of Leeds for a few reasons:

What opportunities did you take advantage of while studying here?

I took advantage of the equipment available at the School of Media and Communication and the practical modules to build some technical skills around design tools, videography, etc. I also took advantage of the possibility to add modules outside my core subject to build my general knowledge.

How has your experience of studying this degree at the University of Leeds helped you in your career?

The most important thing my degree helped me with is gaining confidence in delivering work up to professional standards. From creative brief creation to project management and delivery, these are the kind of skills that I have gained during my postgraduate degree and are vital for my current role at integrated digital marketing agency Search Laboratory.

I can also confidently say that my MA helped me gain some excellent communication skills, both written and oral, which can be challenging when English is not your first language.

What advice would you give to someone considering studying the degree you graduated in?

Thanks to all the industry talks, practical modules, workshops and lectures, I believe that my masters really helped me land a job quickly after I graduated.

I would advise you to try to get the most out of everything, including optional talks, workshops and modules around professional or industry skills. Take advantage of having only a few hours of contact time each week. Be proactive and research, read and attend events. These are the things that will help you be confident when looking for your first job!