Lada Smirnova

Lada Smirnova


I joined the university in 2021. Prior to working at Leeds, I worked as a Director of Studies in a private language centre in Moscow, Senior Academic English Teacher in two universities: Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, and in Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, and as a Deputy Director of MA in Digital Transformation in Education in HSE University, where I developed the MA programme and launched it. 

I have experience in designing modules for a range of BA and MA programmes, where I also have taught Instructional Design units for students of various departments in HSE University. One of my primary research interests is sustainable teacher development in integrating digital technology and well-being. I have published several articles in this area, and a book in collaboration with Peter Lang, an outcome of a 4 year study I conducted with experienced language teachers from two EdTech leading Moscow universities. 

Research interests

My scholarship interests lie in sociocultural research and its practical use in teaching EAP, language teacher training and development.

Recent Publications


  • Smirnova L. (2021). Exploring perezhivanie: a new tool for teacher development in the digital transformation in education. Peter Lang: Оxford.
  • Smirnova, L. (2019). Integrating technology 
into the university language classroom: a study of complexities and perezhivanie in teachers’ experience. (Unpublished PhD thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Education). The University of Manchester.

Edited book

  • Smirnova L. (2022). (Ed.) Using Activity Theory in the Digital Transformation in Education. Uright: Moscow. In Russian.

Book Chapters

  • Smirnova L., Rasskazova T. (2023). The development of a reflective language teacher in Russia: from an apprenticeship to a dialogical partnership. In Cirocki A., Gao A., Wyatt M. (Eds) Developing Reflective ELT Practitioners through Teacher Education: Insights from Asian Contexts. Springer. in press.
  • Smirnova L. (2022). Theorizing the digital change in education. In Smirnova L. (Ed.). Using Activity Theory in the Digital Transformation in Education. Uright: Moscow, pp. 12–32. In Russian.
  • Smirnova L. O. (2020). Davydov’s Activity Approach for developing a MA in Digital Transformation in Education. In The School of Davydov: traditions and Innovations. FGBOY VOMGPPU: Moscow. In Russian.
  • Smirnova, L. O., (2017). Teachers doing classroom-based research: overview and practical possibilities. 4th Inter-national Conference on ESP/EAP/EMI in the context of Higher Education Internationalization. MISIS, Russia, November 26, 2017, Proceedings. In Conference proceedings, MISIS.
  • Smirnova, L. (2016). Language teacher development in integrating technology: mind the gap. 3rd international Conference on ESP/EAP/EMI in the context of Higher Education Internationalization. National University of Science and Technology ‘MISIS’, Russia, November 25, 2016, Proceedings. In Conference proceedings, MISIS.

Journal Articles

  • Smirnova L. (2020). Two forms of perezhivanie that work: integrating technology into a Russian university language classroom. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL. 9 (2), 65–82.
    Smirnova L. (2023).Teachers’ motives, agency and Vygotsky’s notion of perezhivanie. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL. 12 (1), 173–189.
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  • PhD in Education, University of Manchester
  • MA in Educational Technology and TESOL, University of Manchester
  • DELTA, University of Cambridge
  • CELTA, University of Cambridge
  • Specialist Diploma in Programming, National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI)

Professional memberships

  • BERA
  • xMCA

Research groups and institutes

  • Language Centre