Andrew Peet


I received my undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Leeds in 2010/2011 respectively. I received my PhD from the University of St Andrews in 2015. My thesis was on the epistemology of testimony and was titled “Testimony, Context, and Miscommunication”. I was supervised by Herman Cappelen, and examined by Lizzie Fricker and Patrick Greenough. Between 2017 and 2019 I was a postdoctoral research fellow at Oslo University where I was part of the ConceptLab project on conceptual engineering. I came to Leeds in 2019 as a postdoc on Robbie Williams’s ERC project on the foundations of group thought.

Research interests

In epistemology I am particularly I am interested in social epistemology and the theory of knowledge and justification. In the philosophy of language I am particularly interested in metasemantics, context sensitivity, and ‘critical’ philosophy of language (i.e. social and political philosophy of language, miscommunication etc.). I also have side interests in the philosophy of action where I am developing a contrastivist view of intentions.

You can find copies of my papers (published, forthcoming, and in progress) on my website. 

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