Dr Matthew J. Cull

Research interests

My research is extremely wide-ranging, reflecting my broad interests in philosophy, political theory, and gender studies. Generally I am interested in the social world: how it gets made, how we can change it, and what sorts of impacts the social world has on our ability to know. For instance, I wrote my PhD on the metaphysics of gender, and am currently writing a monograph on the same topic. Another example is my work on the philosophy of language – where I am concerned with how particular speech acts like assertion function, and how particular modes of speech, especially involving ignorance, can be used to undermine the perceived expertise of others.

More recently I’ve also been working on the history of philosophy. I’ve done some work on Hume, but primarily my interest here is 20th century analytic philosophy and radical philosophy (especially the history of feminist thought). In particular I am interested in uncovering the often obscured tradition of political radicalism in analytic philosophy, and its connection to other radical political traditions.

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Student education

I currently teach applied ethics across a number of disciplines, including in the Medical and Business Schools, the Faculty of Engineering, and Design.

I also teach on IDEA’s applied ethics MA courses.