Dr Camil Golub


I am a Marie Skłodowska-Curie research fellow at the University of Leeds and an assistant professor of philosophy at Rutgers University – Newark (currently on leave). I completed my PhD at New York University, and before that, I studied philosophy at the University of Bucharest. I was born and raised in Brăila, a small city in eastern Romania.

I work primarily in ethics, metaethics, and moral psychology. I am also interested in theories of personal identity and the self, especially as they relate to various ethical problems.

Research interests

My main research project is devoted to reconciling a naturalistic approach to normative thought and language with strong commitments to truth and objectivity in the normative domain. In my PhD thesis (NYU, 2017), I argued that expressivism about normative discourse is compatible with normative realism, and that expressivism offers a new way of addressing the reliability challenge to our normative beliefs. As a research fellow at the University of Leeds, I am currently exploring whether meta-semantic expressivism (a new version of expressivism proposed in recent years) is compatible with realism, and what might be the benefits of this reconciliation. I am also thinking about how we can make progress in the dispute between minimal and robust realism: in particular, I have a working paper on whether there is any good moral argument against robust realism.

I am also interested in making sense of our attachments to various forms of imperfection in our lives. For instance, how we can reasonably affirm our actual lives when comparing them to better lives we could have had? How can we make peace with our past moral failings while committing to avoid similar mistakes in the future? What is it to love people for who they are, and how can this be justified? 

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Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Aesthetic, Moral and Political Philosophy