Dr Seamus Bradley

Dr Seamus Bradley


I studied Mathematics and Philosophy (BSc) at the University of Warwick and History and Philosophy of Science (MA) at the University of Bristol before doing a PhD in Philosophy at the LSE. My dissertation was titled "Scientific Uncertainty and Decision Making" and was examined by Professor James M. Joyce and Professor Jon Williamson in 2012. I spent several years as a postdoc in Munich at the MCMP before becoming Assistant Professor at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. I am currently a Marie Curie Research Fellow working on my project "Imprecise Probability Models of Rational Belief".

Research interests

My main research interest -- and current proejct -- is to defend and develop a view of rational belief based on imprecise probabilities

I am also interested in formal epistemology more generally, and in particular with logical omniscience and conceptual change.

I also have an interest in philosophy of science, in particular philosophical questions raised by models and simulation. I have several ongoing collaborations investigating the problems and benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration, and transdisciplinary adoption of models and techniques.

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Research groups and institutes

  • Philosophy
  • History and Philosophy of Science