Tadhg Ó Laoghaire

Tadhg Ó Laoghaire


At the intersection of ethics, political philosophy, and international relations, my research will seek to identify the ways in which pursuing global distributive justice through the multilateral trading system ought to be limited and conditioned by the need for structural legitimacy. This will lead me into areas such as how representation should be conceived of in the sphere of international governance, what constitutes coercive action in the context of trade negotiations, and how the WTO could be restructured to better reflect its stated aims.

I am grateful to the IDEA Centre for awarding me a studentship for my PhD.

Research Interests:

International trade, distributive justice, political philosophy, neo-republicanism, addiction, applied ethics

PhD University of Leeds, stared in October 2016
MPhil (cum laude) Philosophy, Politics and Economics, Leiden University, 2016
BA (1.1) Philosophy, University College Cork, 2014
Undergraduate Award Winner, Philosophy and Theological Studies, 2014

Elizabeth Ellis, Carl Fox, Rob Lawlor

Selected Teaching Experience:

  • ‘Freedom, Power and Resistance’ (Level 1), 2018-2019  (Leading seminars and marking exams for Politics students) 
  •  ‘Drugs, Addiction and Autonomy’ (Level 3), 2017-2018, 2018-2019 (Creating the course content, leading seminars, continual assessment and marking exams for Medical Ethics students) 
  • ‘Philosophy for Children/ Philosophy into Schools’ (Level 2), 2017-2018 (Tutoring, advising, and evaluating Philosophy students engaged in outreach work in primary schools) 
  •  ‘Sustainability’ (Level 2), 2018  (Lecture for Electronic and Electrical Engineering students) 
  • ‘The Ethics of Risk’ (Level 2), 2018 (Lecture for Chemical and Process Engineering students) 
  • ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ (Level 1, and Masters Course), 2017-2018, 2018-2019 (Leading and co-leading seminars for Business and Finance students) 

Selected Presentations:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • ‘Trade Justice: Sovereignty, Sufficiency, and the Gains from Trade’ Thresholds in Justice: Sufficientarianism and Limitarianism Revisited, Bucharest, June 2019                                       
  • ‘Exploitation in International Trade Governance’ International Political Theory Conference, St Andrews, May 2019  ‘Trading Places: Justice and the Appropriate Forum(s) for Trade   Negotiation’ IDEA Research Seminar, Leeds, November 2018 
  • ‘Defending Markets to Critique Free Trade’ Postgraduate Research Seminar, Leeds, September 2018 
  • ‘Domination, Sufficiency, and a Political Approach to Trade Justice’ Justice Across Borders, Tennessee, March 2018 
  • ‘What Kind of Choices do Addicts Make?’ Medical Ethics Colloquium, Ilkley, January 2018 
  • ‘Global Poverty and Just Cause for War’ University of the Third Age, Leeds, October 2017 
  • ‘International Trade and Economic Democracy’ Rethinking Economic Democracy, Leiden, May 2017 
  • ‘Cosmopolitics, Imperialism, and the Search for Convergence’ Convergence in a Complex World, Witten, November 2015 


  • ‘Making Offers They Can’t Refuse: Consensus and Domination in the WTO’   Moral Philosophy and Politics 2018; 5(2): 227–256