George Stamets

George Stamets


I began PhD study in Philosophy at Leeds in October 2016, and work under the supervision of Prof Helen Steward and Dr Lea Salje.

I'm very grateful to have received a School of Philosophy, Religion, and History of Science PhD Scholarship, which will support me for the duration of my studies.

For more information, including a copy of my CV, see my personal website.

Research interests

My primary research interests lie in metaphysics and philosophy of action.

My PhD thesis, which is about the metaphysics of (i) agency in the most general sense and (ii) ‘free’ agency in particular, combines these. In Part I, I carefully formulate and defend a theory of powers – going on to explain the sense in which agency and causality, correctly understood, consist in the exercise, by individual substances, of their distinctive powers. I then consider whether and how we might understand modality and laws of nature in virtue of this theory of powers. My approach to powers is strongly influenced by – though in certain important ways different from – the work of E.J. Lowe, John Heil, and Stephen Mumford, among others. Part II is concerned with the question of what it would take, given the truth of this broadly ‘Aristotelian’ picture of reality, for an agent to exercise free and intentional agency.

Beyond these, I have a variety of interests throughout ethics, epistemology, and social and political philosophy.


  • MA, Philosophy, Florida State University, 2016
  • BA, Politics and Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh, 2008

Research groups and institutes

  • Philosophy