Henry Pollock


Time; mind; personal identity

My primary interest is the A/B-theory debate in the philosophy of time and related issues in the philosophy of mind and personal identity. The broad outline of my approach is to answer the question:

Is temporal passage an objective feature of reality?

By first considering two further questions:

  • What may we infer about the objective nature of time, given how we experience it?
  • What may we infer about temporal experience, given our understanding of persons qua subjects of experience?

The idea is that through a proper understanding of the self we gain an unexploited critical perspective on the debate surrounding temporal experience, which, once resolved, will: (a) undermine the A-theorist's argument from experience; (b) provide the B-theorist with a robust account of temporal phenomenology, and (c) generate a stronger argument in favour of the B-theory.

Supervisors: Professors. Robin LePoidevin and Helen Steward

MA in Philosophy, The Open University (2015)
BA in Philosophy, The University of Sheffield (2008)

After my undergraduate degree I was employed as design sculptor in the automotive industry before returning to full-time academia in 2016 for the PhD.

I am funded by WRoCAH.