David Harrison


I graduated with a BA (I) in Arabic language and Islamic Studies Studies at the University of Leeds. My MA (by research, distinction) at the University of Liverpool looked at Arabic poetry from al-Andalus to explore inter-cultural relationships between Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities. 

I am currently a PhD candidate funded by the White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities, researching Arab diaspora identity in the Liverpool-Yemeni community via ethnographic fieldwork from an anthropological perspective. The thesis addresses more broadly questions of ethnicity, diasporic consciousness and the global ummah. Other research interests include Arabic dialectology, South Arabian languages, Medieval Arabic poetry and the broad field of cultural and religious anthropology.

Journal Articles

Article forthcoming in the British Yemeni Society Journal (2019).

White Rose College of Arts and Huamnities Journal.


I lead or have led seminars for the following modules:

  • THEO1920: Religion, Politics and Society 
  • THEO2300: Religion in Context 
  • THEO3021: Muslims in Britain 
  • THEO3190: Religions and Global Development
  • THEO3280: Religion, Politics and the Future 

Research interests

  • Arabic linguistics and dialectology
  • History and politics of the Arab world (especially Yemen)
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Islam in modern Britain