Jiaxu Yang, Jessen

Jiaxu Yang, Jessen


My doctoral research focuses on advanced technology in the creative production of the performing arts industries. I received my BA of Cultural Industries Management and MA of Sociology at Southwest University, China, with the visitor-student experiences at Arkansas State University, US, and Pingtung University, Taiwan of China. I have worked as a research assistant in “Bridging the Gaps - mixed reality performance of Chinese Opera in Shanghai’s rural and urban heritage sites” (UK-China Creative Industries Partnership Development Fund, 2019), primarily investigated by Dr Haili Ma with global cooperation. 

Previously, I worked as a cooperate investigator in the project: "Reference and Innovation: Operating Pattern and Promoting Mechanism of Cultural Performance Industries" (2017), founded by the National Social Science Foundation of China. I also worked as a principal investigator in the project: "The Supply of Public Goods in the cultural field of Chongqing with Multiple Cultural Sectors" (2018), as "Postgraduates' Innovated Research" funded by the Chongqing Municipal Government. I was awarded the "National Award for Postgraduate Student" by The Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in 2018. 

Also, I have worked in a performing-arts SME and local government institution in China as an internship. Recently, I work part-time as a cooperated advisor of the Beijing Shangjing Technology Co., Ltd. It is an excellent SME with the significant advantage of Big Data to service consumers in the online creative economy, especially "Wanghong" (online celebrity) economy. There is a huge potential of value for Shangjing due to its unique position in the value chain, industrial structure, and technology-driven creativity.  


Yang, J. and Zhang, H. 2017. Reconstruction of Aura: Producing Strategies of Cultural and Creative Industries of China in the Age of Mechanical Creativity. Studies in Culture & Art, 10(3), pp.25-34. 10.3969/j.issn.1674-3180.2017.03.005 (CSSCI)

Yang, J. and Zhang, H. 2019. The Construction of Integration of Double Systems in the Culture Field of China with Technological Ability. Studies in Culture & Art 12(3), pp.16-24. 10.3969/j.issn.1674-3180.2019.03.004 (CSSCI)

Nick Bax and Yang, J. (translator) 2019. Bridging the Gaps: Performance, Time and Space. Shanghai Art Review 6, pp.95-97 


“The creative management in Art Licensing industries”, 2018 culture and creative forum of Tsinghua University, Beijing, Nov. 2018

Research interests

  • XR technology and creative economy 
  • AI in creative production
  • Creativity, IP, and management 
  • Culture policy and cultural administration of China (especially “public culture services”)
  • Sociology of Culture; Cultural Sociology


  • MA in Sociology (Sociology of Culture) in Southwest University, 2016-2019
  • BA in Cultural Industries Management in Southwest University, 2012-2016