Jenny Skinner

Jenny Skinner


I am a Leeds-based performance artist creating work which combines neo-burlesque and live art to explore mental illness, gender, sexual expression and identity. Upon leaving school I initially trained as an actor, before completing a BA in performance at Leeds Beckett University. I then spent two years developing my own practice and continuing my practical training in neo-burlesque performance. In order to develop my own performance techniques and explore academic questions raised by my practice I then complete my MA in performance at Leeds Beckett University.

My academic research focuses on vulnerability within performance— both physical and emotional— and how techniques from neo-burlesque can be used to mitigate these potential risks within autobiographical live art. I am deeply interested in how neo-burlesque performers create a safe and supportive space in which to express their sexuality, as well as how they direct the sexual gaze of the audience.

Research interests

My specific research interests include:

  • Autobiographical Live Art
  • Feminist Live Art
  • Neo-Burlesque
  • Representations of Mental Illness within Post-Dramatic Theatre


  • MA Performance - Leeds Beckett University (2019)
  • BA Performance - Leeds Beckett University (2016)
  • LTCL Speech and Drama - Trinity College London (2015)
  • ATCL Speech and Drama - Trinity College London (2014)