John Yves Pinder


I have a background in modern languages (Hindi and Urdu) and social anthropology/sociology. I went on to study experimental theatre, and worked as a performance-maker and cultural worker involved in creating and producing experimental and applied performance. My research is a critique of the notion of 'resilience' in culture. It uses a Marxist framework to problematise the more dominant deployments of this policy orientated notion tied to neo-liberal structural adjustments and politics of crisis. The research investigates how art and performance may still be construed as a critical alternative to resilience discourses and practices. My thesis-related research focuses heavily on non-drama and non-theatre forms of performance and time-based art. However, during my PhD, I also became interested in how the cultural problematics and topics that I explore in my thesis find variants in world drama as well as critical discourse on theatre and performance.



Research interests

Avant Garde Art, Theatre and Performance; Social Art, Theatre and Performance; Theatre in Hindi and South Asian Performance; Marxism/Materialism and Sociology of Culture; Romanticism and Post-Romanticism in Art and Theatre; Transnationalism and Comparativism; Inter/Trans-disciplinarity in Artistic Practice and Critical/Cultural Theory


  • MA
  • BA (Honours)