Clare Martynski

Clare Martynski


Following my undergraduate degree, I had a brief career in arts production, before moving into sustainability via a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development. I'm now lucky enough to be exploring the space where these two meet, with particular focus on interactive art and the ways in which we understand climate change. I have always been fascinated by the ability of the arts to inspire, challenge and reframe: throughout history and across society, the arts have engaged people at an emotional level, in a way that scientific data rarely can; stimulating new ways of thinking and disentangling complex messages, inspiring action and guiding movements, capturing hearts and minds. At a time when the world is facing unprecedented environmental challenges, I believe that this power is becoming increasingly important.

Research interests

Interdisciplinarity, epistemology of climate change, ecological art


  • MA Leadership for Sustainable Development
  • BSc Mathematics and English Literature

Research groups and institutes

  • Audience, Engagement & Experience