Place and Performance

Place and performance research group

The Place and Performance Research Group investigates the dynamic interactions between culture, people and places. It uses notions of performance to examine this complex relationship in both built and natural environments. With expertise in scenography, environmental performance, cultural value, economy and engagement, risk and performative politics the group offers a transdisciplinary approach that speaks to a wide audience. Interrogating environments, ecologies and experiences in relation to performance and culture, the group actively seeks synergies with scholars from other disciplines in order to facilitate cross-institutional collaboration.

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Academic members

Alice Borci Professor Jonathan Pitches
Dr Joslin McKinney Dr Jacki Wilson
Professor Alice O’Grady Dr Jonathan Ward
Dr Scott Palmer  

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PhD research and Post Doctoral members

Alison Andrews
Claire Burnill-Maier
Simone Kenyon

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For further information about the Place and Performance research group please email Professor Jonathan Pitches.