Murray Royston-Ward


My work addresses improvisation’s core materiality by interrogating agential relationships between humans and objects/materials through creative activity. I use audio technology, material resonance, and feedback in improvisatory relationships with materials, to extend notions of ‘doing’ music through, building instruments for improvisation and exploring the entanglement of human and material in practice.

I have worked with national and international arts organisations on workshops and projects that successfully expand improvised music practices into the visual and participatory. I have also exhibited visual arts, sonic installation, and large scale audio-visual performance events. Most recently, I was sellected for the Leeds Cultural Labs Bragg Edition, paired with concrete scientists from the Prof. Susan Bernal Lopez research group, and delivered youth workshops for Site Gallery. In 2015 I received a Gasworks International Fellowship awarding me an 8 week residency at BRITTO Arts Trust in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am also deeply involved in the UK Do-It-Yourself scene for experimental music as a promoter, performer, writer, and publisher.


Research interests

My research is practice-based and focuses upon improvisations core materiality to understand how lively materials are vital and agentic within improvised music practice. I am especially focused on processes of ‘making’ as entwined with the activities of ‘doing’ music, manifesting itself through building electronic circuits and instrumental assemblages. I am also interested in the use of coupled input and output transducers (contact microphones and vibration speakers), in feedback configurations with objects, to explore materiality through unstable resonant systems.


  • MA Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University 2014
  • BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting, Loughborough University School of Art & Design 2004