Words Without Action Poison the Soul

Series Lead: Dr Camilo Tamayo Gomez (School of Law)

Series Co- Conveners: 

Dr Roberto Musotto (School of Law)

Dr Gigliola Sulis (Italian Studies, School of Languages) 

Eva Frapiccini (Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies)

About the series

Silence is the most important rule in any criminal organisation. Silence kills. It conveys secrecy and obscures intentions. The Mafia even gave a word to it: ‘omertà’. It is the code to which every member of the honourable society should strictly adhere to. Silence does not just kill people, but it hinders the memory of events as well. 

This Sadler Seminar Series will explore the relationship between Italian and Colombian Mafia from a cultural studies perspective. It aims to enhance awareness about the violence wrought by criminal organisations that persisted into the nineties in both societies.

Through an exploration of the construction of collective memory and the reaction of new generations, the series will explore the role of literature and media in encouraging awareness and/or glamorising organised criminality. 

Events in the series

EXHIBITION: The Art of Memory (5 to 18 September 2019)