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Chinese Regime Cancels Plans to Air Live Debate Between State TV Anchor and Fox Business Host ( 30/05/2019), Yuan Zeng, (media and communication) comments on why the Chinese state suddenly pulled out on a live debate with a US cable station on the looming US-China trade war.

Tiananmen Square massacre - 30 years since the largest political protest in communist China’s history came to a bloody end (Yorkshire Post 30/05/2019), Dr Adam Cathcart (History) contributes to this piece marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Anchors from China’s state TV and Fox are facing off (Washington Post 28/05/2019) Dr Yuan Zeng (Media and Communication) comments on an anticipated TV clash between presenters Trish Regan from Fox Business Network and Liu Xin from China Global Television Network this evening. 

Homosexuality remains illegal in Kenya as court rejects LGBT petition (The Conversation 24/05/2019), Kenya’s Penal Code, which criminalises same-sex activity, will remain intact following a High Court ruling which rejected a petition calling for the decriminalisation of homosexuality.  This piece by Dr Adriaan van Klinken (Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science) has been reproduced by almost 30 international outlets.

French Algerians on identity, discrimination, protests at ‘home’ (Al Jazeera 26/05/2019), Individuals of three generations question sense of belonging in France as they watch protests continuing in Algeria. Dr Jim House (Languages, Cultures and Societies) is quoted. 

Prince Philip And Princess Diana Bigger Disrupters Than Meghan Markle? (Latin Times 29/05/2019), Further coverage: Dr Laura King (History) is quoted in this article about members of the Royal Family who have broken royal traditions.

Exhibition explores art and science - and environmental benefits - of knitting (Yorkshire Evening Post 24/05/2019), Drs Elizabeth Gaston and Jane Scott (both Design) have a new exhibition of their knitted fabric design and technology in Whitby. 

Brooks wins Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize (Bookseller News 24/05/2019), Dr Sarah Dodd (Languages, Cultures & Societies) has won the £1,500 Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize with her novel for young adults, The Cautious Traveller’s Guide to the Wastelands, published under the pen name Sarah Brooks. 

Love Island: the urge to bare all in public has been around as long as TV itself (The Conversation 31/05/2019), Professors Bethany Klein and Stephen Coleman (Media & Communication - AHC) write about the history of "ordinary" people taking part in television shows.

Co-operative Bank and Brass team up for ethical social quiz (Prolific North 31/05/2019) Dr Sean Sinclair (IDEA - AHC) helped create an ethical decision-making quiz, which covers sustainability, recycling, financial abuse, gender equality and volunteering

The best books on El Alamein (Five Books 23/05/2019) Professor Simon Ball (History) separates clichés from facts and chooses the best of the vast number of books written about El Alamein, the Desert War and World War II in general.

Profile (BBC Radio 4 18/05/2019), Professor John Whale (English) contributes to this programme about Simon Armitage, Professor of Poetry and new UK Poet Laureate.

The Poetry Programme (RTE 1 19/05/2019 – from 17:12), Dr Kimberly Campanello (English) talks about her latest work, a collection of visual and conceptual poetry about the St Mary's Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway.

The Jeremy Kyle Show’s popularity shows we are a society lacking in kindness (Metro 18/05/2019), Dr Beth Johnson (Media & Communication) writes about the axed ITV programme.

Great Art: Munch (ITV 16t/06/2019), Professor David Jackson (FAHACS) takes part in this programme about the Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch, looking at the man beyond The Scream.

Newshour (BBC World Service 16/05/2019 –from 26:35), Professor Duncan Wheeler (Languages, Cultures and Societies) talks about the arrest of one of Spanish separatist group ETA's former political chiefs.

Suicide prevention campaign launched by train company (Yorkshire Evening Post 15/05/2019) A poem written by Professor Simon Armitage (English) is mentioned in this article (PDF available on request)

What Will be the Role of the Creative Designer in Industry 4.0 for Textiles? (WhichPLM 14//05/2019) Digital printing expert Debbie McKeegan explores the changing role of the ‘designer’ in today’s – and tomorrow’s – modern world. Professor Stephen Russell (Design) talks about the new Future Fashion Factory project.

Leeds University academics using arts to help conflict-torn countries build better futures (Yorkshire Post 13/05/2019) Professor Stuart Taberner (German) contributes to this article about how Leeds academics have been assisting young people in conflict-torn countries to help their nations confront their pasts and build reconciliation through the Mobile Arts for Peace initiative, which is supported by the AHRC-funded Global Challenges Research Fund project Changing the Story.  

Poet Laureate Simon Armitage elected Oxford college honorary fellow (BBC Online 13/05/2019), Writer, poet and Leeds' Professor of Poetry Simon Armitage (English) has been elected honorary fellow of Oxford's Trinity College, days after his appointment as the next Poet Laureate.

Simon Armitage appointed new UK Poet Laureate (Wired-GOV 13/05/2019) Further coverage: Professor Simon Armitage (English) has been named the next UK Poet Laureate. Also: The

Robert Jenkinson, Second Earl of Liverpool: Guarantor of Britain’s Stability in a Turbulent Time (Library of Law & Liberty 13/05/2019), Professor Simon Green (History) authors this article about Robert Jenkinson, Second Earl of Liverpool.

Today programme (BBC Radio 4 11/05/2019 – from 1h39m37s), Professor Simon Armitage (English) has been named the next UK Poet Laureate. The appointment received widespread international coverage - with the University link mentioned by most key outlets.  Other coverage includes: Washington Post , BBC OnlineSky NewsGuardiani NewsThe SunMetroMail on Sunday, Yorkshire Post (Head of School of English Dr Fiona Becket quoted) , Huddersfield Examiner (Sir Alan Langlands and Dr Fiona Becket quoted), The BooksellerGovernment announcementUniversity news story

Leeds University academics using arts to help conflict-torn countries build better futures (Yorkshire Post 13/05/2019), Professor Stuart Taberner (German) contributes to this feature about the AHRC-funded Global Challenges Research Fund project Changing the Story.

Jess Phillips interview: Anyone could kill me. But I don’t live my life frightened (The Times 11/05/2019) MP and alumna Jess Phillips (History) is profiled. Also: The Times (Saturday Interview) (Paywall)

How Alice Levine made My Dad Wrote a Porno such a success (The Times 11/05/2019) Broadcaster and alumna Alice Levine (English) is profiled. Also FT (alongside fellow alumni Jamie Morton and James Cooper)

Yorkshire Sculpture International (E-flux 13/05/2019) The University has partnered with this major summer sculpture festival, which starts next month.

FIVE (9/05/2019 – From 14m32), Dr Richard Blackburn (Design) contributes to this item about the durability and value of summer school uniforms.

Genes and genocide: The questionable use of scientific endeavour (Times Literary Supplement (behind paywall) 8/05/2019),Professor Greg Radick (Philosophy, Religion and the History of Science) writes about the history of eugenics.

Young children 'becoming increasingly stressed by SATs' (Yorkshire Post 9/05/2019), Peter Storey (Languages, Cultures and Societies) gives his views on SATs, saying that "compared against other European school systems ours stands out as somewhat ridiculously over-reliant on arbitrary examinations." Also in: Yorkshire Evening Post & Wakefield Express

Shop Smart, Save Money ( FIVE 2/05/2019 – from 15:45), Dr Richard Blackburn (Design) appears in this broadcast in a section on washing detergents.  Also mentioned in:

April 2019

An excavation of voices from Tuam’s Mother and Baby Home in poetic form (Irish Times 19/04/2019), Dr Kimberly Campanello (English) describes her latest work, a collection of "visual and conceptual poetry" about the St Mary's Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, Co Galway

Radio: Newsdrive (BBC Radio Scotland 29/04/2019), Professor Duncan Wheeler (Languages, Cultures and Societies) talks about the Spanish election (from 35m50s).

The whole spectrum (Basler Zeitung 29/04/2019), Dr Giorgia Aiello (Media and Communication) contributes to this article about gender diversity in stock photo libraries. Also covered in several other German titles.

Perpetuating sexism through prayers (Bangkok Post 28t/04/2019), An opinion piece in the Bangkok Post, which references Professor Martin Seeger (East Asian Studies) about female practitioners and gender relations in modern Thai Buddhism. 

How Prince Philip broke all the rules - and the Queen made him do it (Daily Express 29/04/2019), At the birth of Prince Edward in 1964, Queen Elizabeth II insisted her husband Prince Philip was there. Dr Laura King (History) comments about men and the delivery room throughout history.

Spanish elections show where the UK may be headed (CNN 28/04/2019), As in several other European countries, a far-right party is gaining in popularity and traditional politics is fragmenting. Dr Angel Smith (Languages, Cultures and Societies) comments that Catalonia's bid for secession has sparked a resurgence in Spanish nationalism and a "defensive radicalism" on the right

BBC World Service – Witness History (BBC World Service 16/04/2019), Dr Kate Dossett (History) discusses the first play on Broadway written by a black woman - 'A Raisin in the Sun', by Lorraine Hansberry.

The high-tech new standard for sampling (Drapers 17/04/2019), Dr Kevin Almond (Design) is quoted in an article saying that digitalisation and 3D sampling technology are increasingly enabling a reduction in the amount of manual sampling that is necessary in fast fashion.

Where Does the Israeli Left Go From Here? ( 12/04/2019), Dr Nir Arielli (History) writes this op-ed piece in the wake of the Israeli election last week.

German diaries reveal extent of Spanish flu outbreak 100 years ago in Raikeswood Camp, Skipton (Craven Herald 3/04/2019), The devastating extent of the Spanish Flu outbreak at a Skipton POW camp for German soldiers has been revealed by a University translation project led by Anne Buckley (LCS).

New play inspired by real life pen pals to be performed in Leeds (Yorkshire Evening Post 5/04/2019) Further coverage: The play is based on real letters donated by pen pals of the Writing Back Project at University of Leeds. The scheme connects students and older Yorkshire residents, who write to one another. In print, PDF available upon request.

March 2019

The cultural and creative sector needs to start looking beyond the middle class (Wales Online, 30/3/2019) Profile of Visiting Research Fellow Dr Simon Dancey (PCI - AHC),  CEO of the Creative & Cultural Skills organisation.

Facebook Removes Accounts Linked to Duterte’s Former Social-Media Manager (Wall Street Journal, 29/3/2019) Research co-authored last year by Jason Cabanes (Media & Communication - AHC) into fake political social media accounts in the Philippines is cited.

Do we need to decolonise history? And if so, how? (History Extra 25/3/2019) According to Dr Nina Wardleworth (Languages, Cultures and Societies), language learning is the key to decolonising the history curriculum.
A further history of dealing

Antiques Trade Gazette (25/3/2019) 'Antique Dealers: Buying, Selling and Collecting' runs until May 25 and focuses on three well-known dealerships: Ronald A Lee, Roger Warner and Phillips of Hitchin, all of which donated archives to the Brotherton Library Special Collections. Co-curated by Dr Mark Westgarth (FAHACS).
Collection's new lease of life online (Yorkshire Evening Post, 21/3/2019- Print) Coverage of University of Leeds's Roth Collections of manuscripts. PDF available upon request.
The unspoken violence of Donald Trump’s border wall (The Conversation, 20/3/2019) Dr Nour Halabi (Media and Communication) writes about how man-made barriers can harm humanity for centuries.

Radio: Nick Ahad (BBC Radio Leeds, 20/3/2019) Further coverage: Dr Pippa Marland (English) was interviewed on a number of BBC local radio stations about yesterday's Land Lines/AHRC crowd-sourced nature diary celebrating the first day of spring. From about 53m50s.
Also on BBC Radio Cornwall, Cumbria, Coventry and Warwickshire, York, Ulster, Somerset, Hereford and Worcester, Lincolnshire, Guernsey, Jersey and Shropshire.
University news story

Radio: Today (BBC Radio 4, 16/3/2019)
Dr Pippa Marland (English) previews a project launching on Wednesday to create the first ever crowd-sourced nature diary, celebrating the first day of spring. It's part of the AHRC-funded Land Lines research project. From 1h29m50s.
Is Fast Fashion Really Killing The Planet? Are cheap clothes really as bad as you've heard? (FashionBeans, 14/3/2019) Dr Mark Sumner (Design) gave evidence to the UK government’s Environmental Audit Committee on the rag trade’s impact.
Jiaodong folk paper-cutting exhibition kicks off tour of Europe (Global Times -China, 13/3/2019) Organized by the Yantai Art Museum, an exhibition of Jiaodong folk paper-cutting art opened at the Foyer Gallery at the School of Design on Monday.
Also in Chinese Economical Times.

TV: Afternoon Live (BBC News Online 11/3/2019) Dr Helen Graham (FAHACS) is interviewed about a new exhibition, Above The News, which is part of a three year AHRC-funded research project looking at the National Science and Media Museum’s relationship with Bradford, in collaboration with the University. Clip available on request.  

Political Crisis in Spain Forces General Election (The Global Observatory, 12/3/2019)
Dr Angel Smith (Languages, Cultures and Societies) wrote an article concerning how the current Spanish government has found itself under fire from all sides, including opposition leaders and Catalan nationalists.

Culture Swap (The Times, 11/3/2019) The Swallows and Armenians project, inspired in part by Special Collections' Arthur Ransome Archive, is mentioned.
Here is how Kremlin-backed conspiracy theories help keep Vladimir Putin in power (Raw Story, 11/3/2019) Further coverage: Dr Ilya Yablokov (Languages, Cultures and Societies) writes about conspiracy theories concerning Russian politics. This article originally appeared in The Conversation.
Celebrating the Undeniable Passion Of the Matador (Vice UK 6/3/2019) Professor Duncan Wheeler (Languages, Cultures and Societies) comments in an article concerning how Spaniards are debating the future of bullfighting, but its defenders—and the next generation of toreros—see it as an intractable part of their culture.

Stories of Bradford told in major exhibition (Telegraph and Argus 6/3/2019) A new exhibition is part of Bradford’s National Museum project, a three year AHRC-funded research project looking at the National Science and Media Museum’s relationship with Bradford, in collaboration with the University and led by Dr Helen Graham (FAHACS).
Breakfast : 2nd March, 07:26 AM GMT
BBC 1 East 2nd March - Broadcast
Dr Fiona Douglas (English) was interviewed about the New York Times' British-Irish dialect quiz. Segment was repeated at approximately 9.40am on the same day. Clip available upon request.

Political debates have no effect on voting preference, according to studies (Interaksyon, 4/3/2019)
Cites a 2016 study led by Professor Stephen Coleman and Dr Giles Moss (both Media and Communication), which found that political debates of candidates are ineffective in changing voting preferences but it does increase public interest on the campaign.
New exhibition uncovers musical treasures at the University of Leeds ( 2/3/2019) Coverage of, “Gather them in”: the Musical Treasures of W.T. Freemantle, which is guest-curated by Dr Bryan White (Music).
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