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September 2019

Do MPs need to mind their language? (Dundee Messenger 27/09/2019) Professor Stephen Coleman (Media and Communication) is quoted in this article discussing the language used by politicians.

Look and feel good: How tech could save the fashion industry (CNN 27/09/2019) Dr Mark Sumner (Design) is quoted in this article about new technologies that could transform the way clothes are designed, produced and sold.

Festival reaches Shakespearean heights (Wharfedale & Airedale Observer 20/09/2019) Further coverage: Dr José A. Pérez Díez and Dr Jane Rickard (English) are leading an interactive session at Ilkley Literature Festival In October - Performing Comedy: A Midsummer Night's Dream.  

Richard Stead Breakfast Show (BBC Radio Leeds 18/09/2019) Dr Alaric Hall (Institute for Medieval Studies and English) contributes to a feature about the historical significance of the place name Pender (from 23:31, then 2:24:35).

Today (BBC Radio 4 12/09/2019) Poet,  cricket fan and Douglas Caster Cultural Fellow Zaffar Kunial (English - AHC) reads a poem about cricket on the first day of the final Test at the Oval (from 1:45:34).

New Thinking: Fashion, AI and Sustainability (BBC Radio 3 16/09/2019) Dr Mark Sumner and Professor Stephen Westland (both Design) contribute to this AHRC/BBC New Thinking podcast on the Future Fashion Factory, the Leeds-led major government-funded project working with industry to boost innovation and sustainability. 

Next Labour government could legalise cocaine and heroin (Liverpool Echo 16/09/2019) Dr Gemma Ahearne, visiting fellow at the University of Leeds (PRHS) , is quoted about the links between the illegal drugs market and organised crime.  Also Sputnik International 

Can we ever really know if our clothes are sustainable? (BBC Bitesize 16/09/2019) Dr Mark Sumner (Design) contributes to this article on the BBC's learning resource site. 

Boris Johnson's dodgy delivery is only fuelling feelings of mistrust (The Conversation 09/09/2019) Article by Professor Stephen Coleman (Media and Communication) discusses Boris Johnson's Wakefield speech and how delivery can affect the meaning of speech or signify meaning in themselves.

The bizarre new fabrics that fashion is betting on (BBC Business 10/09/2019) Dr Richard Blackburn (School of Design)  comments on textile alternatives and adds that consumers need to act sustainably in every area of their lives. Also in Dundee Messenger

Stacey Dooley: 'We Have To Recognise There Are Consequences To What We Buy And Wear' (Grazia UK 08/09/2019) Dr Mark Sumner (Design - AHC) is quoted in this article discussing sustainability in fashion. 

Yorkshire Post (02/09/2019) Professor Edward Spiers (History) features in an article looking back at this historic moment and the impact of the so-called Phoney War.  Also appeared in print in the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post print

Why the Counter Terrorism (TEO) Bill is about political, not legal, expediency (Independent Australia 02/09/2019). Article references Conversation article by Dr Nir Arielli (History - AHC). Original Conversation article