LAHRI Postdoctoral Fellowships Scheme


Thursday 16 May 2019 for Fellowships to begin from 1 July 2019 (to no later than 1 September 2019).

How to apply

To apply, applicants should email a completed application form and a CV to Erin Pickles by 5pm, Thursday 16 May 2019.


The scheme is open to PhD students in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures who have recently submitted their completed theses, or have recently passed their doctoral vivas.

Fellowships last for six months. Under exceptional circumstances, Fellowships may be renewed or extended.

Students can apply only after submitting their completed theses, and Fellowships may be taken up only after a thesis has passed examination (and any corrections approved). International students are encouraged to apply, but please note that students will be unable to take up a LAHRI Fellowship until necessary assessments have been made of their postdoctoral immigration status.

Fellows are encouraged to take part in the Fellows' monthly Faculty post-doctoral support network and work-in-progress and to benefit from participation in the life of the Institute. Office space will be provided for the duration of the fellowship, and successful candidates are welcome to spend as much time as they are able at LAHRI, in order to benefit from the peer support available within the institution.

The Fellowship is non-stipendiary however you'll be able to apply for up to £200 in research expenses, in support of research activities to be undertaken in the Fellowship period. Further details can be found in the application form.