LAHRI Fellows

We are proud to support an expanding community of Visiting Postdoctoral Fellows and Professors, whose stays last anywhere from one month to a year or longer. 

You’ll be given office space, have access to University libraries and computer facilities across campus and online, and meet pre-award team members who can assist with the preparation of funding applications.  

Current Postdoctoral and Research FellowsShort-term LAHRI Postdoctoral Fellows | Project teamsHow to become a Visiting Researcher or Postdoctoral Fellow in AHC

Current Postdoctoral and Research Fellows

Dr Enrico Acciai (Marie Curie Fellow)

Dr Beth Armstrong (Research Assistant)

Dr Sean Dyde (Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow)

Professor Xinping Guan (British Academy Fellow)

Dr Bárbara Jiménez Pazos (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Dr Katherine Rawling (Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow)

Inés Soria-Turner (Research and Project Officer)

Short-term LAHRI Postdoctoral Fellows

Alexandru Bar 

Henry Clarke

Hannah Coates 

Hervin Fernández-Aceves 

Beatrice Ivey  

Sarah Hall  

Pushpa Kumbhat 

Xristina Penna 

Valentina Ragni

Laura Lucia Rossi 

Mengling Xu 

Trevor Russell Smith  

Clara Stella

Jonathan Tobutt

Project teams


A ground-breaking innovative training network (ITN) funded by Marie Skłodowska Curie over four years, that is dedicated to further establishing the Environmental Humanities as a field of cutting-edge scholarship in Europe and further afield.

Made up of 12 international doctoral students based at 4 academic and research institutions and linked with 5 associated public partners - across Germany, Sweden and the UK - ENHANCE has been established in order to provide analytical, vocational and complementary skills to up-and-coming researchers. 

The Leeds team consists of 4 PhD students: 

Anna Anotova; Jonathan Caruthers-Jones; Arvid Van Dam; Sarah Elizabeth Yoho


A European Research Council-funded project, led by Dr Jessica Meyer.

Alexia Moncreiff, Research Fellow

Ellis Boyle, PhD Student

Bethany Rowley, PhD Student

How to become a Visiting Researcher or Postdoctoral Fellow

Apply to be a Visiting Research Fellow

If you would like to come to Leeds to continue your research as visiting Research Fellow, then in the first instance you need to get in touch with an appropriate member of the School in which your research would be most closely affiliated. 

Each School may have slightly different rules and criteria surrounding their application process, but in general the School will need from you:

  • An indication of your research area and topic that you intend to study whilst you are here.
  • An indication of the dates you wish to visit.
  • A current CV.
  • An indication of a member (or members) of staff that would most likely be able to support your application.

Apply to a Postdoctoral Fellowship or Early Career Fellowships

Members of the Faculty are keen to support well-conceived postdoctoral fellowship projects, and Early Career Fellowships. These include applications to: 

  • Leverhulme ECR Fellowships scheme
  • Marie Curie ECR Fellowships scheme
  • British Academy/Newton Mobility Award scheme
  • Marie Curie Fellowship scheme

If you wish to apply for these or other similar schemes in conjunction with Leeds/AHC, please be aware that you should prepare the application well in advance and inform the relevant School during this process.